About Me

Hey 👋, I'm Durgesh ❤️.

Currently Senior Developer at LTIMindtree, where I lead development team for one of our client's project. I focus on educating and growing the LinkedIN, Twitter and Hashnode connections.

I'm passionate about many creative pursuits, including music 🎵, start-ups 🚀, marketing 📈, and of course, development 💻. This combination of interests is what ultimately led me to build JoltCollab, a platform for developers to collaborate and show their side-projects / open-source projects.

I love building for the web 🌐. From something as simple as a single HTML file – all the way to large Next.js applications. The web is incredible. Anyone can become a developer, writer, or creator – and no one has to ask for permission. You can just build. 🔨

Outside of LTIMindtree, I angel invest my knowledge to build my own platforms and advise early-stage startups. I also do Developer Relations consulting work, helping companies take their DevRel function from 0 to 1, or provide guidance on growing start-ups, recommend features, and developer marketing. 💼✨